Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blood and worship blah blah blah

For the last forty days the church that I attend has been going through a curriculum put out by Pastor Warren called Forty Days of Community, a series I have struggled with. As part of the series I chose to include the bible study God has blessed us with into the small group portion of the Forty Day curriculum. It has been trying to meld the methods and content of Pastor Warren into the culture of our group. Though we have struggled through it and watched the video (some slept through it), and read the devotional (well....), it has proven to be beyond me to reconcile it to the group in a way that I felt content with. To put it bluntly I screwed it up.

Last Wednesday night was our last Forty Day group meeting, and instead of turning the group over to Pastor Warren, I decided to pull the content for that evening from the previous Sunday sermon ( also part of the Forty Day curriculum, and well delivered by our pastor, thanks Stacey) and Mark Driscoll's Vintage Jesus (page 160something). It was the first time that I ever lead a topical Bible Study, though I think it went rather well. Worship is an all encompassing topic. We spent time defining what worship was and wasn't ( we decided that music was only a very small part of it ), and what worship looked like practically in our lives.   

Here are a few of our talking points...
  • We are all worshippers Christian or not
  • Worship isn't a musical style (thank you Jesus!)
  • Worship is holistic and on going
  • Without sacrifice or a person or object of glory, worship is not happening
  • Worship costs us something (or everything)
next stop Colossians!

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  1. Oh man! I am very upset that I missed out Wednesday. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.