Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I found this video for the song Joan by an artist named Butch Walker on a friends Facebook page a week ago and couldn't get it out of me mind, its deep and raw. I spent some time pondering the lyrics and discussing them with my wife, and it seems to me that its a call.

"Joan" is a story of a women who is coerced, oppressed, abused and then is either murdered or takes her own life. Catchy, huh?. Statistically, one in four women will experience domestic violence in there lifetime. Thats every fourth women you know, and every year nearly 1300 of those women will be murdered by their abuser.

Joan is a cry to the abused, abuser and those who walk on by.

Joan- She is waiting on a ride, that is waiting for someone to take her out of this situation that she has put herself in. There is a lot to be learned about Joan ladies. Loneliness would have been a far better option for Joan. Be careful who you let into your life, and sex is a deadly bargaining chip. Stop waiting Joan. Get out. Make it right, this isn't who you are.

Abuser- He is misplacing her life. Taking what doesn't belong to him and sidelining it for his own ends. He is sick,selfish and cowardly.

Us- Butch sings at the end, "they slowly misplaced your life....go get it right...". It feels like the I/we are part of the "they" who slowly misplaced Joans life. Am I the ride who never stoped by? Are you? I don't know much about how one gets involved in this sort of situation.

Angry shouting at the neighbors.
Children acting out.

I pray God would give me wisdom and courage and grace if He brings me into a situation like this. I pray He gives you wisdom and courage and grace.

Its out there...

Get it right.

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